NEOZEN Access Passes offer a gateway to the NEOZEN Mint and Rewards that can be won or earned by completing tasks or winning competitions. ALPHA CORE members will also have the ability to earn Passes through recruitment phases leading up to the ALPHA Mint.


GOLD PASS Holders obtain the ability to mint 1x FREE NEOZEN ALPHA NFT during Day One of Mint on January 12th, 2023.

This Pass does not offer the opportunity to mint the complete allocation of 10x NEOZEN NFTs, but does provide a gateway to a Free Mint at a period where Ethereum Gas fees will be minimized.


SILVER PASS Holders obtain the ability to mint the maximum allocation of 10x NEOZEN ALPHA NFTs in one transaction during the Premium Whitelist allocation on January 13th, 2023.

The Premium Whitelist sale will offer maximized efficiency to minters and drastically reduce Ethereum Gas fees during the allocation.


BRONZE PASS Holders will be offered an exclusive 3-month subscription to Crunchyroll – the ultimate anime online library.

Claims will be eligible via the NEOZEN Online Store post-mint and subscription gift cards are ‘swapped’ to redeem the service.

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