The NEOZEN Network will offer the ability to attribute a secondary set of traits to pre-existing collections within our gaming network and add value to NFTs that may hold a lesser-rarity ranking.

This secondary set of attributes will be held off-chain and stored within the NEOZEN Network platform and will be open to public access upon integration of another collection.

Each card details specific combat attributes attached to the NFT for use in online gameplay.

As attribute allocation is randomized for all NFTs entering the Network, this presents an opportunity to add a second layer of utility to NFTs that may hold lesser value due to it’s original trait structure. Once a collection is onboarded, a weighted code function will be used to assign traits and recorded in the Network database for use in the online game.

The Combat Mechanics of each NFT are made up 3 (three) major components: Mana CostAttack and Defense. Each individual attribute included within the NFTs Metadata is compiled using a weighted code function to aggregate rarity.

NFT Attributes:

MANA COSTThe amount of Mana needed to play the specific card at any point in the game.
ATTACKThe “Hit Points” associated with the card’s attack sequence.
DEFENCEThe total number of attack points the card can endure before being withdrawn.

NFT Cards will also have the option to hold additional “Ability” traits which serve as a secondary function when played within the game.

Additional Abilities:

TRIGGERED ABILITIESAbilities that are resolved when their associated trigger takes place.
ACTIVATED ABILITIESAbilities that are resolved when their associated cost is payed for.

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