NEOZEN ALPHA EX is a series of 1,100 collectible NFTs that provide revolutionary utility, community rewards and access to premium content with the upcoming BETA release. Every NFT is a piece of art in its own right and has varying traits and statistics inline with the ALPHA Lore.
The ALPHA Launch spanned a 7-day period from January 12 to January 19, 2023.
The team originally set a maximum capacity of 8,888 at 0.04. Following a slow(ish) start we cut supply to 1100, lowered mint price to 0.02 and airdropped 1 for 1 to all those that minted at 0.04. Our focus shifted to bringing exclusive utility and maximum value to existing holders rather than dragging out the mint process.
The NEOZEN ALPHA EX NFT collection consists of 1,100 anime-inspired, AI-generated NFTs. NEOZEN ALPHA NFTs were updated on July 24, 2023 to the current collection, and are stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain which can be used in real-world or online gameplay with the upcoming releases.
DCCG stands for Digital Combat Card Game. With respect to some of the greatest Combat Card Games in history, NEOZEN is relatively similar to Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon; in a way that encapsulates simple battle mechanics with high strategy movements. The initial ‘Quick Battle’ will build decks of 10 cards per player for a fast-paced 1v1 battle with many various gaming formats (eg. 2v2, 4v4, Collection-v-Collection) to be released in the coming months.
The NEOZEN Network will offer the ability to attribute a secondary set of traits to pre-existing collections within our gaming network and add value to NFTs that may hold a lesser-rarity ranking. Attribute sets issued will be randomized to ensure an equal opportunity for holders. This secondary set of attributes will be held off-chain and stored within the NEOZEN Network platform and will be open to public access upon integration of another collection.
Following the ALPHA release, NEOZEN will begin the transition to BETA. BETA will implement the NEOZEN Network Gaming Protocol to introduce Cross-Collection gameplay to the Web3 space. You can follow the progress of the project via the Project Roadmap.


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